We are able to help you analyse your needs, in a collaborative approach, and provide you with a tailor-made service, in any of the areas listed below and many more. 

Strategies for Change

You are concerned about the functioning and effectiveness of your organisation. You want to assess your needs and resources, define new goals and launch a change strategy. We can help you in this process by offering services adapted to your needs, for example:

  • Analysis of your organization's positioning;
  • Evaluating the performance of your teams;
  • SWOT analysis (Forces, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Development of future scenarios;
  • Setting goals and building a change strategy;
  • The development of a communication strategy;
  • Identification and resolution of problems and blockages;
  • Setting up a new work organization (teams and networks)
  • Appointment and training of change agents;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of change.


Development of an educational project

You would like to develop a new educational project for your entire organisation or for a particular sector, with a participatory approach in order to achieve the broadest possible consensus. We can assist you in this process by providing you with tailored services, for example:

  • Analysis of the needs and resources of the beneficiaries of the educational project;
  • Consultation of different stakeholders (youth, parents, teachers or educators, partners, etc.);
  • Determination of the criteria to be used for the elaboration of the educational project;
  • Formulation of the educational project;
  • Adoption of the educational project;
  • Communication strategy on the educational project and development of appropriate media;
  • Etc


Development of educational programmes for young people focused on citizenship training, professional project development, entrepreneurship...

You wish to develop and implement a new educational programme in a particular area of your organisation. We can assist you in this process by providing you with tailored services, for example:

Analysis of beneficiaries' needs;

  • Determination of educational objectives;
  • Analysis of the human and material resources required;
  • Development of an action plan;
  • Preparation of the necessary educational methods and tools;
  • Training of educational teams responsible for implementing the programme;
  • Establishment of a monitoring and evaluation procedure.
  • Etc.

Training and knowledge management

Your educational teams have acquired a great deal of experience in various fields, but the skills they implement remain implicit and little shared. You want to make your organisation a "learning organisation", i. e. capable of acquiring, capitalising and managing new knowledge. We can assist you in this process by providing you with adapted services:

  • Identification of significant experiences;
  • Identification of the skills used;
  • Formalization of these skills in the construction of transferable and shared educational tools;
  • Establishment of a cooperative system for the co-construction and exchange of educational tools;
  • Implementation of a strategy for continuous staff training, development of training programmes, training of trainers;
  • Etc.

Just contact us

We have worked on similar projects with dozens of educational organizations of various sizes. The examples given here are only indicative. We have significant experience in educational programmes and adult training methods based on an active and cooperative approach with a specialization in social and professional integration of young people and entrepreneurship training. If you are interested, please contact us today for a no-obligation study. Remember: our rates are reasonable and we will work in close contact with you and your teams by implementing our motto:


“dialogue, experience, cooperation“.