We are able to help you analyse your needs, in a collaborative approach, and provide you with a tailor-made service, in any of the areas listed below and many more. 

Organizational management

Developing of a learning organization

We offer you a set of 4 seminars to acquire the 5 disciplines essential for the development of a learning organization: systems thinking, mental models, shared vision, team learning and personal mastery. You can choose one or the other of the 4 seminars or the overall program. After the training, we can accompany and coach your teams to help them build a learning organization.


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Developing a change strategy

You are wondering about the functioning and efficiency of your organization. You want to evaluate your needs and resources, define new objectives and launch a change strategy. We can help you in this process by offering you services adapted to your needs.


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Non-formal educational programmes for young people

  • You wish to develop an active and cooperative educational approach based on the participation of young people in the elaboration of educational objectives and their evaluation; you wish to train your teams in the implementation of this approach;
  • You wish to develop new non-formal educational programmes focusing, for example, on:
    • Life skills education;
    • Education for autonomy and responsibility;
    • Emotional and sexual education;
    • Gender equality education;
    • Education to nature and the environment;
    • Development education;
    • Education for intercultural communication and international realities
    • Education for citizenship;
    • The development of a professional project;
    • Employability development and job search;
    • The creation of a micro-enterprise or a youth cooperative;
    • Etc.
  • We can assist you in this process by providing you with appropriate services, for example:
    • Analysis of beneficiaries' needs;
    • Determination of educational objectives;
    • Analysis of the human and material resources required;
    • Development of a strategy and action plan;
    • Preparation of the necessary educational methods and tools;
    • Training of the educational teams responsible for implementing the programme;
    • Implementation of a monitoring and evaluation procedure.
    • Etc.

Contact us!

We have worked on similar projects with dozens of educational organizations of various sizes in many countries. The examples we give here are only indicative. We have significant experience in educational programs and adult training methods based on an active and cooperative approach with a focus on the transition from adolescence to adulthood. If you require specific support in response to your needs, contact us today for a no-obligation study. Remember: our prices are reasonable and we will work in close contact with you and your teams by implementing our motto:

"dialogue, experience, cooperation".